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Jagged hooks and infectious melodies define gritty alt-rock act, Native June. With a sound that hearkens the 90's with modern kitsch, this band plays by their own rules and takes no prisoners.

Native June has shared the stage with many national acts, such as Spacehog, Blackalicious and Ludo, and have performed on national television to an audience of 2 million+.  In 2011, Native June was signed to Planet LA Records and have since been touring the US.



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Release Date:
Running Time:
Ocean To Sunset
Gabe Watson, Rob Harkness & Tony Maserati
September 29, 2011
22:48, 6 Tracks

© 2011 Mad Man Music / Planet LA Records

"Native June’s best quality is that they play loud alternative-rock that doesn’t sacrifice its power and heart to appeal to the current watered-down popular indie scene.  Even when they break that trend they’re just as powerful"

- Will Hagle

"With the hot coals of passion burning these musicians a fire, no wonder why so many fans love them"

- New Music Weekly

"…rife with tongue-in-cheek humor presented amongst staccato rhymes and it instantly sticks to your ears like peanut butter does to the roof of your mouth."

- Alternazine

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