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Barn Productions is a career incubator for independent artists.  We work closely with performers, writers, and managers to create outstanding musical products, as well as distinct, professional branding for our artists.  We then launch artists into the music industry by seeking opportunities in licensing, publishing, and record deals, both major and independent.

Artist development is more than just good marketing.  That is why we focus on artists' music before all else.   We believe that quality songs and commercial-ready recordings are the first steps in launching a successful music career.  We provide many in-house services, such as musical and vocal arranging (including orchestral arrangements), professional musician services, recording, mixing, and mastering. We have our own facility in the Silverlake / East Hollywood area of Los Angeles, where most production takes place.  Our no-holds-barred production approach, ensures that every track is given the time and treatment needed to stand out in a sea of independent artists.

In addition to our production services, we also provide our artists with branding services, such as graphics and logos, photos, album art, and press kits.  We pay special attention to ensure our visual branding is consistent and properly represents the style and culture of our artists.   Like our musical productions, we make sure our artists' visuals are professional and distinctive.

With production and branding completed, we then go to work to elevate artists' careers; finding song placements in film, television, and advertising, and seeking publishing and label representation for artists.  With top quality products, opportunities are abound!  Visit our Music Page and see what we've been able to do for many independent artists.

We understand that every artist isn't in need of all our services.  That's why we also offer our various services a la carte.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like a quote for any of the services we provide.  Thank you. 

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Album Art

Mixing plays one of the most important roles in making your record sound less like a demo, and more like a record. A professional mix gives your tracks commercial viability, which is invaluable in unlocking the potential success of your music.
Mastering is the last line of defense in making sure your tracks sound the best they possibly can before they are released. Mastering makes sure the performances shine and that your tracks are consistent in tone, timbre, and volume. Additionally, mastering can raise your tracks to the same loudness as other commercial releases.
If you're looking to add instruments to your tracks that you don't know how to play or write for, we can help. Whether you need strings, horns, a full orchestra, or help writing background vocals, we can achieve the musical sound you're looking for.
A record is only as strong as it's weakest performance. That's why it's important to use only the best musicians for your project. If you need a grooving drummer, funky keyboardist, or a rocking guitarist, we can provide musicians that are a match for your music in both skill level and style.
For artists who have the ability to record themselves, but want to ensure their productions are of professional caliber, we offer production advisory. We'll advise artists on every aspect of their project; song critique, arrangement, performance, layering, fidelity, and general branding. For those who want limited outside involvement or are on a limited budget, we help ensure their tracks remain commercially viable and on-par with their goals.
Good graphics can show an audience what an artist is about before they even hear the music. Proper imagery helps direct your music at the your target demographies, which is especially important if you're trying to shop your product to a label or publisher.  Whether a text logo, graphical icon, or photographs, we can help define your public image.
Whether you plan on digital release, CD, vinyl, or all three, we can help you with the layout design. Even if your record sounds professional, it's less likely to be given a chance if it doesn't also look professional. We can deliver art design and copy that looks great, aligns with your branding, and meets manufacturing specifications.
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