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    The Cooling Time
    The Cooling Time is a modern, visual heavy, melodic, dynamic rock band from Los Angeles. "Live, their lead guitarist, Eric Potter, drives you with his pedals to even stranger and satisfying sonic landscape." - L.A. Examiner

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    Paper Thin

    Barn Productions is a spacious and comfortable facility. Not only do we have the gear, musical instruments and knowledge to make your music shine, we know the importance of vibe and aesthetic in helping boost your creativity. We have created a welcoming and coloful setting for you to create your art, with plenty of sunlight and beautiful architecture dating back to 1913. Our facility is actually protected by the Los Angeles Historical Preservation Society!

    Creative Services





    Additional Fees



    Creative Participation Agreement

    Creative Services
    We don't just record music, we can help with whatever it takes to make it! At the core of Barn Productions isn't just gear; our staff and network is comprised of professionals who have experience making high-production-high-fidelity records. So whether you need a producer to work with or a whole backing band, we can get the job done!

    •Professional rhythm section on hand to play on your tracks
    •Formally trained and experienced producers, composers, arrangers and engineers can make your song radio-ready
    •Even if you don't play any instruments yourself, we can provide all necessary instrumentation and arrangement
    •Experienced in sequencing, loops and making beats
    No project is too big or small.  Whether you need to track great sounding drums, an acoustic guitar, or a cool synth.  Whether it’s an album you’re looking to shop for commercial release, or a demo to sell at your shows, we have the gear and the know-how to make any project sound professional!

    •16 tracks simultaneous recording
    •Unlimited tracks in overdubs
    •Up to 96kHz sample rate
    •8 discrete headphone monitor mixes
    •Spacious facility for any size ensemble
    •Comfortable & colorful setting for optimized creativity
    •Vocal booth for isolation and privacy
    •Quality microphones & mic pres
    •Wide range of musical instruments available for use, including an both an upright and baby grand piano

    Have a bunch of decent-to-good sounding demos, but they all sound they were recorded at different times or they aren’t as loud as commercial CDs?  Or maybe you plan to mass produce a mix CD of commercially released songs but they’re all different volumes and timbres.  Our mastering services can make your various recordings sound cohesive with optimized clarity and loudness.

    Experienced staff can match timbre & loudness for each of your tracks
    Acoustically treated space
    Over 7 discrete speaker sets to hear your final product on
    High-end plug-ins and effects processors
    Already have a multi-track recording done at home or another studio?  Now all you need is a killer mix!  Barn Productions is known for its outstanding mixes; we can bring your recordings to the next level!  This is an area where it’s not just the gear - it’s the ears!  Our experienced staff will know the just the right touches to suite your tracks, both creatively and sonically.  

    Experienced staff can mix your music with the same punch, timbre & loudness as commericially-released records
    Acoustically treated space
    Over 7 discrete speaker sets to hear your mix on
    High-end plug-ins and effects processors
    Only $25 / hour!
    $900 / week (40 hours)
    $3,500 / month
    (180 hours - Save $1,000!)

    Rates includes engineer
    When you book consecutive full-days, you can leave your equipment setup overnight, free of charge.

    We do our best to keep all of our services as affordable as possible.  That’s why you only pay for the time you use at Barn Productions!  We don’t have different rates for different services; you pay the same rate whether you’re tracking, mixing, mastering, or utilizing our creative services.  You decide how much time you want to put into each part of your project, helping you stay within your budget.
    Additional Fees
    Nobody likes to be nickeled-and-dimed to death.  So here, at Barn Productions, we try to avoid any hidden or additional fees.  The only fees we charge aside from our hourly rate is for the usage of our musical instruments, simply to cover any wear & tear and the expense of replacement parts.  If a Barn Productions staff member is playing an instrument for your recording, there is no charge for usage.  Otherwise, we prefer you bring your own instruments to the studio.  The musical instrument usage fees are as follows:

    Drum Set: $40 / session
    Note: We do not permit the usage of our cymbals under any circumstances.  So make sure to bring your cymbals with you even if you are using our kit.
    Guitars: $10 / session
    Piano/Keyboard: No charge
    Hand/Auxiliary Percussion: No charge
    In order to book your first session or an in-studio consultation, you must contact us via telephone.  For convenience, our contact information is listed below.  For security reasons, we will not book a session until we acquire your full contact information.

    •After your first session/consultation, we do allow bookings to be done via email.
    •We do not book sessions shorter than 3 hours.
    Barn Productions allows 7 days prior to your scheduled session to cancel or reschedule.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your session within 7 days of your booked time, you will lose your retainer payment for the cancelled session.
    Creative Participation Agreement
    All clientele of Barn Productions must agree to and sign our Creative Participant Agreement.  This agreement is a a verification form to ensure there is never any conflict over credit and/or creative rights.  Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Creative Participant Agreement.
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